VBScope Basic

VBScope Basic Edition

The VBScope Basic Edition is a 32-bit Windows® based User Interface for the popular Bitscope Data Acquisition instrument. It offers an intuitive GUI, that looks like an Oscilloscope and Logic Analyzer in a single package. It is as easy to use as a hardware based DSO (Digital Storage Oscilloscope). It features auto-baud and auto-port detect. Simply run the software, plug the Bitscope into an available serial port, and press the "Acquire" button! For more details, download the VBScope Basic Edition HTML Help. VBScope is a full 32-bit Windows® application with ActiveX controls so be sure to check the minimum system requirements before downloading. We are offering this as a "Free Demo", however there are no time limits or restrictions. You may install it on as many PC's as you have access to. We welcome your feedback so we can make improvements. All updates will be posted as free downloads. Enjoy.

Key Benefits

  • Free!

  • 32-bit Windows® application.

  • Fully supported (free upgrades).

  • View trigger logic or digital data on Logic Analyzer Bit 7 (use the Full 8 bit Logic Analyzer with any trigger configuration).

  • Supports all Bitscope firmware versions and baud rates (auto-detect).

  • Standard 1-2-5 Horizontal and Vertical scale controls.

  • Standard 8 x 10 grid Oscilloscope display.

  • Dual cursors for delta measure (time, frequency, or voltage) active in both analog and digital displays.

Features in v1.1.3

    • More slow timebase settings: 25MSa/sec., 100KSa/sec., 25KSa/sec. and 10KSa/sec.

  • Automatic recall of previous control settings when application starts.

  • Integrated HTML Help support.


  • Single Channel Analog Acquisition only.

  • No print or waveform storage utilities.

  • Supports 25MHz A/D sample clock only (standard hardware configuration).

  • Supports 25MSa/Sec., 100KSa/Sec., 25KSa/Sec. and 10KSa/Sec. Sample Rates only.

  • Does not support the new Bitscope VM300. This is currently under development.

System Requirements

  • 200 MHz Pentium® Processor - Pentium II® / Celeron® recommended.

  • Microsoft Windows 95® operating system.

  • 64 MB RAM minimum.

  • 1 MB Free Hard Disk Space.



VBScope Basic




Download VBScope Basic Edition Software.

Download VBScope Basic Edition HTML Help.