PScope is a 32-bit Windows® based User Interface for the low cost osziFOX® "pen-scope" instrument. It provides a traditional oscilloscope style control panel with standard 1-2-5 Horizontal and Vertical scale controls that operate independent of the hardware control settings. The hardware interface port may be configured manually or automatically. Both single-shot and continuous sample modes are supported, as well as "reference" waveform data save and recall functions. The waveform data is stored in an ASCII text file that may be sent via E-mail to other users. Full color print utilities are provided as well. You may download the fully functional time-limited (30 days) application for free. You may register at any time (during or after the trial period) to allow unlimited use of the software.


  • Low cost.

  • 32-bit Windows® application.

  • Fully supported.

  • Save "reference" waveforms as *.WDF (ASCII text) files.

  • Full print, print setup and print preview utilities.

  • Standard 1-2-5 Horizontal and Vertical scale controls.

  • Standard 8 x 10 grid Oscilloscope display.

  • Four cursors for delta measure (time, frequency, and voltage).

  • Automatic or manual port configuration.

  • User selectable display colors.

  • Automatic recall of previous control settings when application starts.

  • Dual waveform display (active sample waveform and static "reference" trace).

  • Supports single-shot and repetitive (hardware-based) sampling modes.

  • Sample and Hold acquisition modes.

  • Integrated HTML Help support.


  • No "DVM" function support.

  • Will not run in DOS® or Windows® 3.x environments.

System Requirements

  • 200 MHz Pentium® Processor - Pentium II® / Celeron® recommended.

  • Microsoft Windows 95® operating system.

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer® v4.0 or higher (for HTML Help).

  • 64 MB RAM minimum.

  • 2 MB Free Hard Disk Space.



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