Bitscope Designs - Home of the Bitscope Mixed Signal Capture Engine, a low cost Analog and Digital data acquisition instrument. Lots of information and project details are available to anyone interested in this excellent lab tool.

Wittig Technologies - Low cost, high quality data acquisition equipment including the osziFOX® "pen-scope".

Microchip® - Makers of the PICmicro® micro-controller. Everything you need to work with the PICmicro® MCUs including the free MPLAB® Development Environment and a large number of Application Notes.

National Instruments™ - Hardware and software for all types of data acquisition including the popular LabVIEW graphical Development Environment..

P16PRO and PICALL Programmers - PIC® programmers and software. The hardware and software are both stable and reliable and the cost is very reasonable. The PICALL programmer is one of very few third party programmers that supports both the serial and parallel programming methods (used to program the PIC16C5x devices). In addition to supporting the PIC16C5x and PIC16Cxx/Fxx MCU's it also programs Serial EEPROMs (24Cxx) and AVR's. These are excellent low-cost engineering programmers.

Carl's Electronic Kits - Lots of kits including PIC® programmers (PICALL and P16PRO) and other interesting items. Carl's is located in the USA.

Free PIC® C compiler - This is Hitec Software's limited edition C compiler (16F84 / 16C84 / 16F62x PICs only). It may be run from within the MPLAB® Development Environment.

Micro Engineering Labs - PIC® prototyping accessories and a very good BASIC compiler for the PICmicro® MCUs.

New Micros - Development boards, SBC's and tools for popular micro-controllers and DSPs. Most of the development boards include C and FORTH development tools.

Ultra Edit - Programmer's Editor with lots of features including syntax coloring (custom languages supported) and user configurable toolbars.

UEMake - An add-on for Ultra Edit that adds IDE functionaality (compile / assemble, make, build). A large number of compilers and assemblers are supported, and new ones may be added by the user..

Square One Electronics - Very informative and useful books about PIC® micro-controllers. Most of the books include fully functional source code.

Ivex Design International - Schematic capture and PCB layout tools for the hobbiest and professional designer. Full-featured design tools at an affordable price.

Electronics Workbench - Schematic capture, simulation and PCB layout tools for professional use.

PCBExpress - High quality cost-effective prototype PCB manufacturing. The web-based service supports standard PCB manufacturing file formats and fetures fast turnaround.

National Semiconductor - Electronic components and micro-controllers (COP8). National has a wide range of products and provides samples to qualified designers. They also offer a free (assembly language) development environment for their COP8 micro-controllers.

NoIce - A low cost debugging tool that provides an I.C.E. type debugging environment (without the I.C.E.). Supports a wide range of processers including those with on-chip debugging facilities.

IC-Prog - PC based programming software for many of the low cost PIC® / EEPROM programmers.

Dunfield Development Systems - C compilers and assemblers for embedded systems. These tools are a welcome alternative to the high-priced compilers found elsewhere.